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Evergreen Notes

Inspired by the Andy Matuschak’s Evergreen Notes.

The notion is to have computer-supported thinking. Let insight accumulate by taking notes and linking them very densely (backlinks help basically duplicate the amount of links for free).

Some important notes extracted from there

  • Evergreen Notes should be atomic
  • Evergreen Notes should be concept-oriented
  • Evergreen Notes should be written for yourself by default, disregarding audience.

This last point is why sometimes you will find disconnected ideas here. Feel free to reach out if you find one of those and you want to elaborate or work on them.

Evergreen Notes as fundamental unit of knowledge work

Have an inbox to capture notes and reading inputs.

It seems very much related to this: Feynman Garden, managing this related information and feeding it to my brain. These notes are a way to do this for me. Also related to The Mind’s A Field.