A pixel art image of a mushroom


Welcome to my small digital forest , here you can find my notes, blogposts and ideas.

Internal links go to other forest pages, they will open under the current node, so you can navigate the forest without having to keep different tabs open (you can do that as well if you want by using middle click). If you are seeing this under a browser that doesn’t support javascript links will work as normal and you will navigate to each note individually.

If you wanna remove a note from your view, you can click on [close]. (This Welcome note is the only one you can’t close, to make sure you can always navigate somewhere). Notes are collapsible if you click on the titles.

From here you can start exploring the forest, the forest has no search and no direct access to pages. This is a bit of an experiment to encourange exploring around. Everyhing has to be accessible through other pages.

Here are some starting points to get you into the forest: